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Our Raving Fans! (A.K.A. Happy Cat & Dog Owners)

 Works great for an OLD cat! I have been giving this to my 17 year old cat for a couple months now. He was starting to show signs of joint pain so I wanted to try something. This seems to be doing the trick. He gets around better and has stopped licking his joints. The pill is small but still fairly big for a cat. Mine is so laid back that he doesn't mind taking it at all, but some might. He really likes the flavor if I cut it open, so that would be a 2nd option if he wouldn't swallow it.

- Kim Garnica

 We'll keep using this product. Our cat has been taking Benson's Best Omega-3 for Cats & Small Dogs for a few months now. Our vet recommended a fish oil supplement for our cat, and we decided to try this brand because we wanted high quality and the softgel is smaller than some other brands. Our cat is small, weighing around 7 pounds when she first started taking the softgels. We use a pet piller to place the softgel in her mouth and she swallows it without difficulty. She's taken over 100 of these and hasn't chocked on a single one. Normally, when you use a pet pillar, you aim the medication toward the back of the throat, but I was concerned about doing that and decided to just set the pill in her mouth toward one side. Bingo. She just swallows it. Easy. We'll keep using this product.

- Amazon Customer

Yummy medicinal treat for my dog. This is a great product. I bought it for our dog who was having a lot of skin issues that we just could not find a solution to. We have tried a lot of different 3,6,9 oils and they helped a little but not completely. We started giving him this oil and it took about two weeks of giving it to him daily, but we are finally seeing results! He is doing much better. His skin has lost that pink irritated color and all the scabs from scratching are gone! He is not scratching all day long the way he use to and is now resting much more peacefully. I would absolutely recommend this to any dog owner, but especially ones with skin issues.

- Andy

Great Product. These are small easy to administer gel tabs. I am using them for my medium sized dog because in the past too much fish oil has given her loose stools. I will certainly order this again.

- J. Tessier

It has more omega 3 than salmon oil. I love my dog. Summer is a golden retriever and she has been shedding some hair recently. I tried searching the internet for a supplement that could help her during this time and I found Benson's Best Omega-3 fish oil for dogs. It is a great product! It has more omega 3 than salmon oil, which is perfect for my dog's cardiovascular health and at the same time, I could see improvement on her coat. It is very easy to add to her diet and is 100% natural. I love it!

- Quesadilla 45

Has helped my 12 year old black lab regain her spunk.

- Lori Bresser

I have a black Chinese Sharpei and his coat is beautiful. It is shiny and I have no skin problems whatsoever. I can't prove it but I think this product helps with maintaining a good coat as well as other benefits.

- Glenn

No more rash. These supplements have been working out well for us. I was using a human fish oil for my dog until getting these. The bottle states to dose according to your dogs weight. My dog weighs 150lbs so he gets 3 daily. The capsules are moderate sized and my dog gulps them down without any problem. I throw them in with his kibble. My dog did not get stinky gas or diarrhea. He seems his normal self. I like that these supplements are made from wild caught fish. Since starting this supplement I have found that the rash he gets has cleared up. There are a ton of pills in the bottle and it will last for months.

Tons of pills, lasts a long time
Pill is easy for do to eat
No diarrhea
Cleared up my dogs skin

None so far

- Amazon Customer

Her coat has improved since she's been on fish oil. My fish oil caps for my dog came on time and undamaged. The directions are simple and clear. I give my pup 3 caps every day. She doesn't mind the taste I just throw them right on top of her food and her picks them out while she's eating. Her coat has improved since she's been on fish oil. It's definitely helping with the shine. I would recommend these. I received these in exchange for my honest review.

- Macey

Great for skin health. One Omega-3 oil a day REALLY brings out the shine in my puppy's coat. She doesn't scratch half as much if I continue to put this in her food, every now and then I will also put a little on her treats. She loves the taste. When she's done eating she licks the bowl clean to get every last drop. I would recommend this product to anyone who has a pet with skin allergies. Great for skin health. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

- Amazon Customer

Scratching reduced, no more flakes. My dog has very dry skin and is very sensitive to EVERYTHING. I buy him the best quality food and a very specific shampoo or he'll scratch all day. As a result of his condition, he needs to have fish oil added to his diet. My dog was scratching endlessly when he ran out so I tried out this brand and I am happy to say his scratching has decreased after giving him the fish oil in just a few days. If your dog has flakes on his coat and scratches a lot, you should consider buying this product. My dog used to wake up several times to scratch but now he's resting easy. Very happy with the product, will definitely repurchase when I run out. I received a discount in exchange for an honest review.

- Tzitzi Linarea

LOVE IT!!! I have a 6 year old sharpie/chow mix and he has the worst skin. He constantly has dandruff, his ears are flaky, he chews on him self because his skin is so dry it makes him itchy. Only after a week of use I can tell he is getting better. He stopped chewing as much, his ears are no longer flaky, and I can see less and less dandruff everyday! The one thing I will say is he refuses to take the pills so I just put 2 of them in his bowl of food with some dog gravy and he just eats them right up! I also have a rat terrier who does not have skin issues but I can tell her fur is shinier then ever! I was given this product for a discount in exchange for my review. This does not change the way I feel about this product.

- Emily Petschenig

Finally - fish oil specifically for pets! Nice that it's made specifically for dogs and cats. The label explains dosages in "dog" sizes so that's a plus. Do your research for all the health benefits but our vet recommended it for our senior dogs for many reasons. Easy to cut capsules if your dog eats around foreign objects (one of mine does, the other doesn't care). I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

- Annacabana

My furbabies think this fish oil is great and so do I. I got these for my furbabies, as it is hard to get them to take their vitamins usually. You know how you always have to trick them with their medicine is a snack? Not with these...every last of my one of my pets took their fish oil like good pups. I have noticed that their coats are getting smooth. Some of the fish oil I have tried in the past made their coats slimy, as of yet this has not happened. I did receive this product at a free/discounted price for a honest review. Any vitamin that my babies would take with out a fight is a winner to me.

- Amazon Customer

LOVE this vitamin!! Best vitamin out there! Within a week of using this vitamin, my pups fur was silky and had a beautiful shine to it!! Plus my pup is a small French bulldog and the size of this vitamin perfect for him! This is one vitamin my veterinarian recommends for my dog to build up his immunity to certain allergens and to help with joint movement. We have only used for 1 month but this vitamin and brand will definitely be added daily for my pups wellbeing!!

- Suzanne Lee

Five Stars. I just received my supplements today. I have a cat that would starve herself before she went anywhere near the scent or taste of fish oil. I even tried a highly reviewed flaky omega-3 supplement that my cat wouldn't touch with a nine foot pole. I saw that the Benson's omega-3 capsules were harder and larger than I expected and was worried I would have a problem getting my cat to swallow them. Well I popped one of the supplements in my cats mouth and she swallowed without a hitch. Finally!! Thank you!!

- Sherbears

My new 9 month old rescue male cat Toby has a beautiful white/caramel coat.

Five Stars. Since adding Bensons Best to his wet food, the coat actually shines!
This product is great!

- Florida Gaj

Five Stars. My Shih-Tzu's dry skin is history since we started him on Bensons. His coat is so much softer also.

- Amazon Customer

Five Stars. I have an eight pound Yorkie. I was having a difficult time getting her to take her fish oil until I discovered Benson's smaller pills. I put them in the dish with her dry food and she eats them every time. Thank you, Benson.

- Carol J.

Thanks for helping our doggie. Out of all the things we've tried to help our Shih tzu's skin, this is the only thing that's helped!

- Beth Willis

Great way to add fish oil to cat's diet. Easy to hide in soft food, and no smell.

- AMom

I love this! Use to pour oil on dogs food and they would never eat it all. All the claims to "great tasting", my dogs said they go without. Throw these in the food and they have no idea they ate it. Improved their skin and coat greatly.

- Amazon Customer

Five Stars. Great for dog without fishy breath he had with other products.

- Megan E. Alger

Good for them! Great for itchy, dry skin as well as arthritis. My dog has been on it for years and I've always been happy with the results.

- J Bee 

Great Product. My cat has had dandruff for a while. Even after washing him with pet shampoo, it came back. After about 2 weeks of the fish oil, the dandruff is gone and the quality of his coat looks great. I will definitely keep buying this.

- Amazon Customer

So far, so good with the product. Our doggie hasn't been using it for very long, but I do believe that her skin seems less itchy. Her coat is shiny and soft. I really like that the bottle has dosing instructions listed by weight. Our pet is just under 20 pounds, so she certainly doesn't need the same amount of fish oil of a much larger dog.

- Rhonda     

It has helped my little Chihuahua's coat within just a few days. Her skin was dry and itchy and this product began working on her immediately. Thank you! Will be reordering this regularly.

- Carrol Aguillard      

Five Stars. Excellent product and service.

- Kate     

Perfect size for 6 pound poodle. Effective and much easier to deal with than liquid fish oil. Great quality. Highly recommended this.

- Amazon Customer     

Stopped my dog from scratching. He is now one happy pooch! He is an 8 pound Yorkie.

- Linda Hefter     

Amazing results! I purchased this based on reviews and product content. In 2 short weeks it has turned my puppy’s cottony coat into a silky easy to groom wonder. He eats a high quality prescription food that simply did not cover all his needs. The pills were the answer to messy liquids and gels. They are small and easy to give. The improvement in his dry skin and reduction in shedding and matting is nothing short of remarkable. He is clearly happier, more playful and alert. Since nothing else has changed I can only attribute the results to Benson's Best.

- LASD       

My foster Shih Tzu is taking these for his coat and enlarged heart. They are definitely helping with his coat and I am sure they are helping with his heart also. I love the size compared to the previous capsules I was using. They are about half the size and fit into pill pockets perfectly with his other medication.

- K. Richardson    

Yummy, healthy product my dog loves! My shih-tzu loves these! It's like a treat for him. I toss them in the air and he catches the capsules mid-air like a seal and gobbles them up. It makes our entire family laugh! I am so happy to find something he likes that's so healthy for him!

Julie A. O'Masters  

Finally, a capsule with a small pet in mind. My ragdoll had skin issues which the vet said was due to problems with his immune system. He had repeated bouts with ringworm. The vet had me give him some liquid omega to put on his food. My cat hated it. I was then instructed to squirt it directly into his mouth. I hated to subject my cat to that daily. I decided to look for an omega capsule but was unsuccessful due to the size. I found these and decided to give them a try. After a few months of use, I can report they work great. I will tell you I do not give them for him to chew and eat. I put the capsule in a pill pocket and place in the back of his throat.He does not fight me because I have a treat on the floor ready for him to eat after the pill. Because he is 19 lbs. I give him one in the morning and one at night. Again, he had severe issues with his skin and these have worked. They are small enough so you don't feel like you are trying to choke your pet when placing in the back of their throat. The best product I have tried for my cat's skin without stress to him or me.

- Avid Amazon purchaser    

Five Stars. I was able to finally give this to my cat and the smell of this fish oil is sooo subtle. My cat doesn't even notice that it's in her food. Even on my fingers it's not that bothersome. This fish oil is much better than the one her vet recommended. The other one left a really bad smell on my fingers when I would squeeze out the oil.

 - Amazon Customer  

Great product. I purchased these b/c my dog has dry flaky skin, and it this product does a great job helping with that. After using this for a week or so, it cleared up and never came back. Just one capsule a day is all it takes!!

 - Amazon Customer   

The right choice for our cat. Excellent product. Also - pleased to find a small pill. Most are much too large.

- Ashburn     

Great product. My dog is already showing signs of less itching!!! Will definitely buy again. Also, it was delivered very quickly.

- Elizabeth A. Smith      

Five Stars. Have been using other brand before, wasn't able to get the other brand so decided to try this, glad i switched, my dogs coats seem even softer than before!

- CW  

Covered in peanut butter, my dog gulps down three every morning. No fishy burps, her coat is shiny and soft, and her skin has no irritations.

- Ms. M.       

Great product! I waited to write this review to give the fish oil gel capsules some time to work. It has been two and a half weeks and we are already seeing a difference in our dogs' coats. We have two yellow labs and both their coats have become soft and I have noticed a reduction in their shedding. At this point, I would have to say I am pleased with this product and give it 5 stars. This order arrived when promised so I recommend the seller as well.

- Bommersprago      

Great product for my 2 small dogs. One, 15, the other, 11 years old. My Cavalier's shedding has been cut down considerably since I began using this product almost 3 months ago. It does take a few months for it to begin to slow down the shedding. It's also good for their joints!

- Erica Hoffman     

Quality. I bought this after an introductory vet visit where the doc seemed a little too focussed and pushy on upselling than the actual health of my dogs. He mentioned my older dog had minor issues with dry skin and possibly minor allergies - giving him a fish oil supplement would fix things, and he had just the overpriced bottle for me. I left without buying any of the products he was pushing and researched online and read Amazon reviews. I bought Benson's about a month ago and have noticed after a daily pill Scruff's coat is softer and he seems more comfortable in general. I give this to both my dogs and am happy with the noticeable results. The old man with the dry skin and allergies takes the pill without a problem. The younger dog needs a Greenie pill pocket. I will continue with Benson's it is a quality product and they offer great customer service.

- Lynn M        

Good product and value for the money; especially like the ease and no mess. My 15 lb schnauzer/poodle mix gobbles one of these down with her breakfast each morning. I have noticed an improvement in her skin, which was extremely dry and flaking - also the reason I decided to purchase this product.

- Leslie      

Five stars. My cat had amazing results immediately! Thank you! This is a wonderful product!

- Taylor Peek      

Five Stars. Great product and great service! Thanks!

- Barbara Teevan        

Great product! I just wrap them in a pill pocket & they take them like a treat.

- Amazon Customer

Searched for and found Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil for Cats & Small Dogs. Our 7 lb. Maltese is suffering from serious heart disease and among the medications she has been prescribed, the veterinary cardiologist wanted her to take omega-3 fish oil. Being so small a dog, the veterinarian wanted her to take 500 mg per day. Mixing half the oil from another brand larger 1 gm capsule with her food was not successful as the very strong fish aroma turned her off. The same was true of omega-3 fish oil treats. I searched for and found Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil for Cats & Small Dogs. This was the exact dosage the veterinarian wanted her to take daily. And it is small enough for her to swallow. I just moisten the capsule with a little cold water which makes it very slippery, place it on the back of her tongue, and she swallows it very easily. Delivery of the product through Amazon was very fast. The product is exactly as described and I will definitely continue using it.

- Ronald, S.

Can SEE the Difference! Awesome product!! After two weeks all three of my small dogs have a better looking coats and skin. Purchased specifically for one with sensitive skin and 24/7 scratching, the difference is like night and day. While the scratching has not gone away completely, it has become less and less on a daily basis. I'm hopeful that long term use will be beneficial. Definitely willing to continue with this product.

- L.S.P.

So far, so good! My dog happily takes her pill every morning, and so far, it seems like it has been helping with her pain and ability to move.

- Lola H.

We just switched to this product and so far so good. It was suggested to use these instead of the liquid type because it is healthier for their teeth. The pills are a little big, but we haven't had any issues getting our dog to take it.

- Heather

Great product for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Really helps with dry skin.

- Miss Cass 

Excellent product. Will continue to purchase for our Cimba who will be 17 in November, by the Grace of God.

- John Alliano 

Very happy with the results. After using this product for a few weeks, I have noticed that my puppy's (6 month old) coat is looking healthier. My puppy was having problems with losing hair in patches and I was recommended to use fish oil to help with that issue. When I saw this product I thought I'd give it a try, and I am very happy with the results. The pills are small, soft, and don't have an odor. I will be ordering them again.

- Virginia Z. 

Thank you! Delighted to have found this great product in a size that is cat and small dog friendly. Started to use the large 1000mg capsules several months ago because of a kitty with UTI. Used with glucosamine to calm the lining of her bladder. The big capsules were an issue, and asked Benson's if there was an alternative size that was cat/small dog friendly. Benson's helped out and sent a sample of 500mg capsules. What a great product! The capsules are small enough to administer to a cat orally. UTI kitty is over her problems, her hair coat amazing! Observing such outstanding results with one cat, I opted to use Benson's for my older cats with joint issues; two with luxated joints, and one at 17 with arthritis. Again, the results have been outstanding. All of my cat population is now taking their Benson's capsule once a day. (They all appreciate the 'greenie' treat afterwards, which eases the task of pilling more than 1 cat.) I continue to be amazed each day with the difference the fish oil has made in the overall appearance of all my cats hair coats, and the improved mobility of my older cats.

Since my original post, we have switched vets, and wanted to share the comment made by the new vet today regarding how beneficial the use of both glucosamine and fish oil is for a cat's bladder and kidneys. He was pleasantly surprised when I mentioned that my struvite kitty had been taking the products with very satisfactory results, stating that " The combination of the two provide a protective lining for their bladder and kidneys." He was pleased that all cats were receiving the benefits of both products and was surprised that I was able to find a fish oil product small enough to pill a cat!

- Pattycakes

My senior dogs love it. No fishy after smell and the dogs willingly take them. Great supplement for achy hips as recommended by my vet. Economical price. This is a monthly supplement for my dogs. Great customer service and speedy delivery.

- NonniSRS,

Perfect size for smaller dogs. Have always given my dogs Omega-3 Fish Oil but the latest addition to our dog family would not take the larger size I had been buying. Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil for Cats & Dogs suits her (2-year-old, 11-lb. mini dachshund mix) just fine. Highly recommend and will purchase again.

- THopkins

Small fish oil capsules perfect for small pets. Finding Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil capsules was an answer to a prayer. My 12lb miniature longhaired dachshund has suffered from dry skin since we brought him home from the breeder. Altering his diet helped but summer allergies still brought on itching spells which kept all of us up at night and had him scratching himself raw. Being a small dog, other fish oil cap a were too large for him to chew. One Benson's cap a day was enough to stop his itching and bring a silky gloss back to his fur.

- Ginger Peale

 Great customer service. These seem to be helping my dogs' skin issues and arthritis.

- Wendy Scarlett

 Great product! my dog is doing great, much easier for him to get up and go up stairs after a long day,

- Joe Heim

Very Happy Customer. Our vet recommended fish oil for our dog's ear allergies. We did some research and decided to try Benson's Best. We have seen a huge improvement in our dog's allergies! Also started giving it to our other dog for his arthritis. We just throw a capsule in their food morning and night and they just eat it right up! Very happy with this purchase and will definitely be purchasing it again!!

Laura Williamson 

Not too shabby. It took my mini dachshund a few tries to get used to the pill but I now just puncture a hole and pour it on her food. Her coat is soft, her skin doesn't flake as much anymore and I haven't noticed a lot of shedding. Seems like a good product at a good price.

- ArizonaShine88 

Five Stars! Rocky (the Beagle) loves his Omega 3 Fish Oil.

- John  

We adopted a dog from a local rescue. He was saved from horrible conditions that caused him to have patches of fur missing and red irritated skin. We spent a great deal of money at the vet, but only found temporary fixes. He has been on Benson's for almost 2 months now. His hair is coming back in and he is putting on weight. This is wonderful stuff.

- Lisa Pace 

I recently started my 3 beagles on Benson's Omega 3 fish oil. I have always had the dogs on daily fish oil so I thought I'd change brands since Benson's had good reviews and the price was reasonable. Since they have always had the benefit of Omega-3 I can only hope that Benson's will continue to give them what they need. I'm sure the product probably deserves 5 stars, currently I am very satisfied and I do like the larger quantity in the bottles since in the past I was only getting 60 gel caps in a bottle. I am sure I will continue to purchase them. I did purchase 2 bottles this first time so it should last us awhile.

- Phonaholic  

 Product works great. My dog's coat has improved greatly and he isn't shedding nearly as much. Definitely recommend and I will continue to buy in the future.

 - BRIAN  

Love to give my dog fish oil, and this one is pure and well made. She eats it without complaint with her breakfast, and it helps keeps her coat shiny and healthy.

- VGR  

Even my picky dog will eat them. I was asked to try this product. I have a golden retriever who is almost 8 now. She's getting up there. She is not one of those dogs who will eat everything and anything. She's a little picky. I have found using this that her coat is getting shinier and her joints don't seem to be bugging her as much. I haven't noticed any digestive problems either and she does tend to have a sensitive stomach. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a dog.

- JB

Recently, my 3 year old kitty girl Graycee was diagnosed with a nasty bout of cystitis. Our vet determined that one product that would possibly help her badder recover on the inside would be an omega-3 fish oil supplement. After checking the feline/canine product reviews of the omega-3 fish oil products that are available on Amazon, I opted to purchase Benson's Best. I was impressed with the information that came with the product; I can use this product; it is that pure. In my estimation, that information in itself constitutes a win.

There has been “somewhat of a struggle” with my kitty to consume the large 1000mg capsules. As we have more than one cat, the suggestion of placing the product on her food does not guarantee how much she would receive. Not that the fish oil wouldn't be great for the other kitties.... I need to know that Graycee receives the amount of omega-3 oil her Dr. recommended.

Graycee has been have been receiving her capsule daily for about a month. We have an appointment with the vet next month to re-assess Graycee's condition. From an owner's perspective, Graycee's hair coat has improved in that there is less shedding and the bit of skin flaking has disappeared. She is apparently feeling better, as she has begun to spend more time with us, seeking out love and adoration. Graycee is still not appreciative of the administration of the capsule on a daily basis, but she is not as difficult to medicate as she was in the beginning, which is an added benefit!

I opted to contact the people at Benson's, and a big WOOHOO for those of us with cats and small dogs!! Benson's will be coming out with a 500mg capsule, cat and small dog sized! What a win!! I have 3 arthritic cats who will really benefit from their glucosamine delivered with omega-3 fish oil. In the meantime, Graycee will continue to receive her 1000mg capsule.

KITTY UPDATE APRIL 27: Seeing is truly believing, and with the stunning results with Graycee, began using Benson's on two other cats. Apatchie is 17, with some arthritis and a less than perfect long hair coat. She has been eating her Benson's mixed with soft food and her glucosamine. Her hair coat is improving and she seems to be moving easier! Lance, despite a luxated hip, was always extremely active.This winter everything changed. Lance, now 13, has been on tramidol for pain for 3 months. (3.25ml twice daily.) Lance became reclusive, no interest in playing. His hair coat became dry and unkempt. Benson's has really made a difference in Lance's life. He has become playful again and his hair coat is lustrous! WHAT A WIN!!!

- Pattycakes

 I am so happy with this product. I noticed that my black lab dog's coat just wasn't as shiny as it used to be and dealing with some dry skin. I was told to get some Omega 3 Fish Oil for Dogs, this would help. I received this at a discounted rate, just thought I would give this a shot and there is an immediate improvement. My dog's acting more like a puppy again! He must be feeling better with his arthritis pain, so much that he is bouncing around again instead of in pain. He doesn't seem to be having any allergy to this product like he has with the other fish oil I tried. This product also stated that he will start improving with his health of the skin and coat which was my main concern but the assistance with his arthritis pain was a bonus! Some other items this will help with: Improving Health of Skin and Coat, Boosting Immune System, Reducing Allergy Symptoms, Protecting the Heart & Kidneys and of course Relieving Arthritis Pain! I couldn't be happier with this particular product. Much better than other's out on the market!

- Howard

Fabulous product! These Omega-3 capsules are easy to feed Dakota, my 9.5 year old Havanese. He eagerly swallows them when wrapped in a small piece of cheese or luncheon meat. He has been taking Benson's Best capsules for approximately 3 weeks. During this time, our groomer has noticed that Dakota's hind legs are easier to manipulate, and he is less agitated while getting groomed (we have suspected that Dakota's hips have become arthritic during the last couple of years). The groomer feels that these capsules are the reason that Dakota is experiencing less pain and agitation during the grooming process. I am positive that as we continue to give Benson's Best to Dakota, additional benefits will become apparent.

I am so happy to have found this wonderful product - I highly recommend it for your precious pet!

- Jerome B. Beaudoin

"Our cat has been taking Benson's Best Omega-3 for Cats & Small Dogs for a few months now. Our vet recommended a fish oil supplement for our cat, and we decided to try this brand because we wanted high quality and the softgel is smaller than some other brands. Our cat is small, weighing around 7 pounds when she first started taking the softgels. We use a pet piller to place the softgel in her mouth and she swallows it without difficulty. She's taken over 100 of these and hasn't chocked on a single one. Normally, when you use a pet pillar, you aim the medication toward the back of the throat, but I was concerned about doing that and decided to just set the pill in her mouth toward one side. Bingo. She just swallows it. Easy. We'll keep using this product. - Amazon Customer