About Us

Benson is an Old English Sheepdog and he was born in 2010. You know how puppies can be busy little creatures? They like to chew your shoes, chase balls and give you lots of kisses... Well, when Benson was a puppy he liked to lick his paws, and lick his paws and lick them some more... to the point of creating blisters and open wounds on his pads. 

So Benson went to visit our vet. She felt that he may have allergies to something outside and thought that Omega-3 fish oil would help him. She was right! Once we started giving Benson Omega-3 fish oil, his paws healed and he rarely licked them. Now, we do love Benson's vet (she's awesome), but what we didn't love was what she charged for her Omega-3 fish oil capsules - Yikes!

I wondered what our family could do instead of buying the over-priced Omega-3 from the vet. I did some research (actually a lot of research) and found out that the best Omega-3 for cats and dogs comes from deep sea anchovy oil from Iceland. And then I went ahead and had it produced, so I could bring it to other pet owners much more economically than shopping at the vet's office.

....and Benson's Best was born in 2014! Benson's Best is a small, family-based business. We bring you the best products we can find, because that's what we want for Benson, and that's what we want for your pet too!

Gwen & Benson

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How to Get Great Results from Your Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil for Cats & Small Dogs!

How to Get Great Results from Your Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil for Dogs!