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Omega-3 Fish Oil for Dogs - 1000 mg Softgels

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Rich in Omega-3, our Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil supports your dog's optimal health by providing a powerhouse of benefits, including improving the health of the skin & coat, relieving allergy symptoms, boosting the immune system, protecting the heart, brain & kidneys, relieving arthritis pain & improving mobility.

Direct from the cold, clean waters of Iceland, Benson's Best Omega-3 Fish Oil for Dogs is the BEST source of Omega-3 for your beloved dog! Our wild caught deep sea anchovy oil provides 43% more Omega-3 fatty acids than wild Alaskan salmon oil. It is 100% natural, non-GMO & contains no additives or preservatives. The quality of our oil is exceptional; it is 3rd party tested for purity & potency & is guaranteed to be free from mercury and other contaminants. 

To get the MOST out of our Omega-3 Fish Oil for Cats & Small Dogs, click to download our User Guide.

Unfortunately we are only able to ship this product within the USA.

We offer a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. Give Benson's Best a try, you have nothing to lose, just your pet's health & well being to gain! 

We are very happy with our purchase. We've been giving Benson's Omega 3 Fish OIl to my shepherd mix who was experiencing some dry skin and coat issues especially with the cold weather. Since we have been using this product his coat is much shinier and healthy looking and he isn't scratching nearly as much as he was. We are very happy with our purchase!

- Richard N




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